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Aircraft time sharing Club

Time sharing an aircraft allows cost efficient flights to remote regions and cities for the benefit of our members. Absolute Services provides you with the entire organisation of your trip to any European destination.

Gain time, fly anywhere

In just one day you can visit multiple places and save time with your airport transfers. Take-off and landing happens minutes after you arrive at the airport. Organize your travel anywhere efficiently according to your agenda.

Comfort & Privacy

Comfort, security, flexibility and discretion are your priorities. Make the most of your time in the privacy of your own plane. Enjoy the flight with passengers of your choice for business or pleasure.


Travel fast and on your own schedule

The schedule is yours! You decide when you leave. No more waiting at a terminal or worrying about missing a flight, you travel rapidly in optimum comfort. As the smaller airports handle less traffic, customs & airport security is simple and the aircraft is airborne within 10 minutes. The only time schedule which matters is yours.

Optimum Services & Comfort

Always eager to offer its members the best services guaranteeing them excellence even after landing, Absolute-Services is an exclusive in-house Travel Agency. Going away on holiday, visiting relatives and travelling to corporate or business meetings around Europe is now affordable with a private flight.

Group tour and Events

Absolute-services organize group trip for any events, The Embraer 145 (46 passengers) will suits your need at best prices.

Optimize travels with your team in several cities over few days. We can expertly arrange for conventions, sports teams and company trips in a private aircraft that will make your trip stress free, comfortable and luxurious.

Depart at the time you need  from the nearest aiport suitable with an exclusive boarding and disembarking services.

Pilatus Crew


Absolute Services provides assistance for special operations of the Pilatus PC12 worldwide. its network includes experienced crew with available for conducting international corporate flights in remote and sensitive areas.

Contact us to discuss your operational requirements for a Pilatus PC12 crew.

The Pilatus Flying Club


The Pilatus Flying Club in Geneva offers its members access to a Pilatus PC12 aircraft for 6 passengers for all your travel in Europe at attractive rates. The members benefit from a fleet of aircrafts (Pilatus & Piper DLX) available at affordable prices for personal & business trips.

Discover more details on the Pilatus aircraft, its competitive operating costs and abilities to reach rapidly your favorite destination in Europe.

Become a member of the Pilatus Flying Club and benefit from travelling to any place at ease.


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