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The Pilatus Flying Club

The association promotes the time sharing of the Pilatus PC12 aircraft. All members can enjoy the advantage of rapidly reaching any European destination at competitive costs. Thanks to its fleet of aircraft available from Geneva, the club offers flexibility to provide adapted services at all time.

The fleet

The Pilatus PC12 wide cabin with its 6 seats configuration and its reliable Pratt & Whitney turbine engine allows a comfortable journey at best rates per hour. The private club also operates a Piper Jetprop DLX available for trips up to 3 passengers adjusting our services according to your demands.

Services & Safety

Aircraft maintenance is performed in an approved center and experienced crew ensure absolute safety in the conduct of the operation. All Pilots are dedicated, professional pilots with regular recurrent training who will meet the highest standards expected by our members.

Become a Member

Fast & simple, become a member upon the first flight for the year. One member can travel with persons of his/her choice providing he/she or a member of his/her family is on board during the entire trip. The membership fee per year is 300.- CHF per family and 800.- CHF for a company (3-4 persons).Contact us for a quote of your next trip.

The Pilatus PC12


The Swiss-built airplane is renowned for its precision engineering and overall quality. Perfectly equipped for flights into all kinds of weather, it is world renowned for its safety, versatility and comfort. The Pilatus has gained a reputation for its outstanding performance, reliability and operational flexibility offering a spacious cabin and ability to load large cargo through the side door.

This popular aircraft is especially suited for corporations and regional commuter transports.

The Pilatus Club offers

A fleet of aircraft available

Performances & Operating costs

The Pilatus PC12


PC12 snow


Endurance : Up to 6 hours
Range : 1’450 Nm
Cruising Altitude : 28’000 feet
Certified for all weather condition
Cruising speed: 260 kts (480 Km/hr)
Fuel consumption: 300 ltrs /hr
Take off distance < 800 m
Lavatory on board

The PC12 Range Map


PC12 range map & hours

Operating cost (CHF)

Aircraft max capacity : 6 passengers
Cost per hour : 2100 .- *
(*for the first year of membership)
Airports & handling fee : 300 .-
(except special destinations)
Operation, taxes & Crew :  Advised by crew in the quote (per day)

The Piper DLX




Endurance: 4 hours
Range: 1’000 Nm
Cruising Altitude : 24’000 feet
Certified for all weather condition
Cruising speed: 230 kts (405 Km/hr)
Fuel consumption: 280 ltrs / hrs
Take off distance < 1000 m

The Piper DLX Range Map


DLX range map & hours

Operating cost (CHF)

Aircraft max capacity : 3 passengers

Cost per hour : 1200 .-
Airports & handling fee : 200 .-
(except special destinations)
Operation, taxes & Crew : Advised by crew in the quote (per day)

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